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SPE ZIPO develops a special direction for the preservation of grain crops in warehouses.
The solution to this problem is based on the technology of ventilation of the grain layer by supplying air to the perforated air ducts, which are laid on the warehouse floor in advance and subsequently filled with a layer of grain.
At the same time, the ventilation connection holes can be removed to the technical corridor, which provides the operator (worker) access to each of the channels and fans: stationary or mobile, which make it possible to pump the required volume of air mass through each branch through a flexible hose and, thus, ventilate the entire layer of stored grain in a mode similar to the storage mode of similar products in silo-type elevators.
A significant problem for such a technology, until now, was the unreliable operation of the air ducts due to the insufficient strength of the structure itself, weakened additionally by perforation over the entire surface. The technology used for the production of air ducts of NPP ZIPO helped to solve this problem by connecting the perforated zone with the stiffener. Together, this made it possible to create a strong structure that can withstand the load of laying grain up to 6 meters high.

Time of ventilation is governed by the terms of fill condition and takes into account temperature, humidity and varietal requirements for stored products (wheat, corn, peas, sunflower, etc.).
The result of the application of such technologies, the quality of ventilation is stored at the storage level in grain silos Elevator, but it does not require vervlogen and is not limited to the minimum amount of bookmarks, making unprofitable construction of a complex for storage.
Hence, the undoubted advantage of the proposed technology is the complete satisfaction of the need for ventilation of the volume of grain collected in a medium – sized peasant farm (3-5 thousand tons) and the cost of organizing ventilation, commensurate with the financial capabilities of the farm itself.

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